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Fuji Pro 160C.

Im so glad I had a couple rolls of this film lying around. I was recommended it by people at work (camera house) but after looking at the price tag decided it was a bit to much at the time. I new that I had some film around from my tafe days somewhere in my room and sure enough it was Pro 160c.

For shooting in broad daylight I think its brilliant. High in contrast with quite saturated colours, incredibly sharp and captures tones and shadows terrifically. The images come across as quite a neutral temperature with no real sense of coolness or warmth. Unless shot under incandescent light where my images came out very warm, however this is due to the warm yellow light given off by this sort of globe.

I shot a few frames during the evening and at night under lights. The results are quite different. It’s a bit grainier, but not to the extent of images becoming softer. The tones aren’t captured quite as-well. The contrast and saturation isn’t as punchy.

Overall I think it’s fantastic. I really suggest trying it out!

– Duncs

Posted by Duncan Wright on July 28, 2010

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