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Ilford FP4

I found this in my room. Didn’t come out to well though. Ohwell.

Portra 160VC (this film is amazing)

and it’s my first roll shot on my Pentax 645 medium format camera.

Sale of the century!

Whilst purchasing croissants at a certain bakery the other day I noticed in the window an advertisement of a Pentax 645, Medium format camera for sale. Getting quite excited about this I took the number and mentioned it to my work colleagues. It was to our amazement that it was on sale for a great price, with 2 lens, original manual and in near perfect/unused condition. Swiftly the seller was contacted and I arranged to meet her.

Upon first glance I knew this was it. The perfect medium format camera. Not to heavy, not to big. Certainly not near the weight of a Bronica or ‘blad, but definently near the quality. Two pristine lens, 75mm 2.8 and a 150mm 3.5. Both in stunning condition, their focus rings able to be moved with the flick of one finger. Not a damage mark or scratch in sight, this really was a camera rarity. It even included the original manual and lens book, both also in perfect condition.

Jumping at the opportunity, I am now the proud owner of this magnificent camera. I have several projects in mind for it and photos will be up soon enough!

– Duncs

Superia 200

Portra 800

Ilford FP4

Not having shot black and white properly before I was quite intrigued as to what the results would be like.

I was very impressed. It’s quite a slow film, 125 ISO which is ideal for daylight shooting. The film has fantasic contrast and beautiful deep, cool tones. The grain is super fine and vey sharp. If you need a good all round black and white film which is easy to use then i’d shoot with this.

Superia 200