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On The Streets – With Ilford FP4

Sorry this site has been so stagnant for so long now – i’ve been resting up a bit over the Christmas break yet also working frantically as I am going to India this Sunday!!!!

I finally have some images to post though and will make sure to automate some posts while I am away to keep this fresh. I unfortunately mucked up developing to rolls of film and lost all my photos a few weeks ago but just developed to more rolls today so should have a bunch of photos for all to see.

These ones are from shooting in the streets of Perth a few weeks ago. All shot on Ilford FP4 and developed at the local lab.

Abbot Triptych

These images are way back from 2009 before I was really in to film photography. All shot on a disposable camera as I walked around Newton Abbot in Devon, England. Abbot Triptych