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Around the Traps with Delta 400.

My obsession with Ilford Delta 400 continues, this is getting unhealthy.

Sorry for the lack of colour, i’ll make up for it in 2013….I promise.

At the Beach with Delta 400.

This is by far my favourite film at the moment, the grain is really beautiful and the qualities of the film are fantastic. I tried stand developing a roll of it today for the first time so it will be interesting to see how it comes out.

I know these aren’t the MOST riveting photos but i’m currently in India so i’m trying my best!




On The Streets – With Ilford FP4

Sorry this site has been so stagnant for so long now – i’ve been resting up a bit over the Christmas break yet also working frantically as I am going to India this Sunday!!!!

I finally have some images to post though and will make sure to automate some posts while I am away to keep this fresh. I unfortunately mucked up developing to rolls of film and lost all my photos a few weeks ago but just developed to more rolls today so should have a bunch of photos for all to see.

These ones are from shooting in the streets of Perth a few weeks ago. All shot on Ilford FP4 and developed at the local lab.

Around the traps – Ilford Delta 400.

I’ve been shooting a few rolls of Delta recently to compare against Ilford HP5 which is also an ISO 400 film. What can I say, I love it. The grain seems a bit tighter, more controlled and therefore a little sharper. The contrasts and tones are wonderful. Would I choose it over HP5? It depends, If i’m going to be shooting portraits or landscapes i’d definitely go for the more controlled grain of Delta while if I was shooting on the streets i’d go for the grittier and larger grain of Hp5.

Here are some shots from the past few weeks all shot on Delta 400.

On The Streets with Ilford HP5.

A few photos from a couple of rolls shot on the streets of Fremantle. All images shot using Ilford HP5 and a Yashica Electro 35 GSN.



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Here is a picture from an upcoming mini series of mine to celebrate. Also shot on Ilford FP4.

Friends on Film – *UPDATE*

Well with uni finally over and summer just around the corner I finally have some time (well actually a lot of time) to spend on my various projects. One of them being Friends on Film, not only posting pictures but writing a lot more articles and even reviewing a few different types of film. Another part of Friends on Film that I am going to start developing/working on is the film catalogue which will hopefully become a resource for people either starting out in film photography or just wanting to discover a new type of film. With any luck, people should be able to come on to the site, click on the film catalogue menu (looking for a film?) decide what type of film they want (slide, neg, colour, b+w etc) and then discover pictures taken on various films so they can get an idea of what the images/tones/colours are like of each particular film. I’m also thinking of starting to have a monthly featured photographer. Partly to bolster the film catalogue, but also so you viewers don’t get bored of just my images. If you have any ideas or comments or would like to be featured let send me an email on and we’ll get talking.

For now though, here are a couple of pictures taken from my new Yashica Electro 35 GS. The little guy doesn’t look to threatening but he’s quite the bokeh-monster. Enjoy.


Both images shot on Ilford FP4.