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Here is a picture from an upcoming mini series of mine to celebrate. Also shot on Ilford FP4.

Friends on Film – *UPDATE*

Well with uni finally over and summer just around the corner I finally have some time (well actually a lot of time) to spend on my various projects. One of them being Friends on Film, not only posting pictures but writing a lot more articles and even reviewing a few different types of film. Another part of Friends on Film that I am going to start developing/working on is the film catalogue which will hopefully become a resource for people either starting out in film photography or just wanting to discover a new type of film. With any luck, people should be able to come on to the site, click on the film catalogue menu (looking for a film?) decide what type of film they want (slide, neg, colour, b+w etc) and then discover pictures taken on various films so they can get an idea of what the images/tones/colours are like of each particular film. I’m also thinking of starting to have a monthly featured photographer. Partly to bolster the film catalogue, but also so you viewers don’t get bored of just my images. If you have any ideas or comments or would like to be featured let send me an email on and we’ll get talking.

For now though, here are a couple of pictures taken from my new Yashica Electro 35 GS. The little guy doesn’t look to threatening but he’s quite the bokeh-monster. Enjoy.


Both images shot on Ilford FP4.

In short…

So sorry I haven’t been posting the past few weeks (months even) i’ve been completely overloaded with uni. I’ve got a ton of new pics to upload soon from all over the place and some exciting projects to work on over summer, including a trip to India. I will also be upgrading the Film Catalogue so that it is easier to work and you can decide on what film to shoot with ease…HOORAH!

For now though here is one of my favourite pics from the weekend, a friends wedding shot using Ektar 100 and my NEW Yashica Electro 35.

It’s a first – Squares and Hasselblad.

So i’ve been lucky enough to borrow my wonderful boss, Frances Andrijich‘s Hasselblad gear to shoot a uni assignment. Here are a few shots from it and expect a couple more rolls to pop up over the week!

Talk about a Hiatus! Black and White is back and we got to a party!

WOAH! It sure has been some time. I’ve been dipping in and out of digital photography recently but have finally come back to some good old film. I’ve got a few rolls up my sleeve but here are a few images to tide you over….

ALSO, you could check out what i’ve been up to over on Facebook or my other blog! 

Provia 100F – Cross Processed (because I didn’t think it would work).

Understanding The Image – Line and Repetition.

Well for this instalment of Understanding The Image I am going to talk about the importance of line and repetition in an image. Unlike the previous Understanding The Image (doesn’t sound quite right if I abbreviate it) where I talked about what makes the image interesting in a more theoretical way, I am going to talk about what compositionally makes this image interesting. I have chosen this image to talk about because it isn’t a photo that exudes the capture of a great moment but more so is a nice image due to the way the person is framed and the elements surrounding the main subject.

First and foremost we realise there are three main elements in the image. Those being the subject, Ian, the rug he is lying on and the Point of Focus, his face.


The repetition, continuous line and pattern on the rug are what make this image. They add an element of interest to the image and make the subject contrast against the background.


If you look closer at the image we can see more repetition and line than what I’ve just pointed out. We see repetition in the shorts he is wearing, the blue, red, yellow and white stripes contrast against the blanket and the white shirt, further dragging our eyes in to the point of focus. You can see his arms, forming an ‘S’ like shape and framing his face which once again draws our eyes in to the crucial point of focus. Finally there is the silver cup on the bottom right corner, the yellow can on the top left of the image and the brown bag. They act almost subconsciously as balance in the image and as objects give us bit more of an idea of what is generally happening.


The soft lighting from the afternoon sun adds form and provides interesting shadows and lines throughout the image.


It’s important when your taking photos to take in to consideration the elements surrounding the image. Next time your taking a picture stop and have a look around your subject and see if you can use any of these elements and I guarantee you’ll end up with a more interesting and engaging image.