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Posts from the ‘120mm Colour Negative’ Category

Picnicking with Portra 160VC, but I pushed it to 400.

Erasers @ Solar Barge – Portra 800 PUSHED to 2000 (DAYAMN!)

3 films, 3 countries. Canada, America, China.

Bums in Vancouver, Friends and Fireworks in Fernie. Love and Depression in San Francisco and work in Hong Kong.

The final of travel photos. Keep your eyes peeled for Australian Cakes.

MIXED BAG! End of Nelson/Whistler. (Velvia 50 + TMAX 400)

Lake Party – Part 3. (Portra 400)

Lake Party – Part 2. Portra 400

Friends on Film goes to North America – Part 1. LAKE PARTY! (Portra 400)